Bokanol is a garden world in the Bokanolin system, 6th major planet from Gaiel L’Ar, the system’s Yellow Standard Giant star. It is home to the Aquillians, a race of sentient underwater humanoids, most prominently resembling squid.


The Capital planetary body in the Bokanolin system is an oceanic world, with warm shallow seas covering approximately 70% of the planet surface. The remaining surface area is composed of cooler, ‘deep trench’ ocean biomes, scattered island chains and shoals and only 3 major continental land masses dotting the globe. Due to the tilt of the planet’s axis and it’s rotational speed, there is very little temperature change between seasons. They are instead distinguished by weather patterns;

The summer season is characterized by gentle surface winds, clear skies, infrequent precipitation and temperatures ranging from 28°C to 38°C at the equator.

Micro hurricanes, lower temperatures and rougher surface conditions are present in the Spring and Fall.

Mega Hurricanes, Tsunamis and temperatures between 19°C and 29°C at the equator are common in Winter.

Additionally, Bokanol is tidal locked with it’s moon Nochreal, forming a zone approximately 3,000 miles across that is shrouded in perpetual darkness.


Aquillian society is characterized by a global technocracy. Prominent, certified scholars, scientists and researchers attend a governance conference several times a year to discuss regional and global issues and findings. New policies are discussed, developed and instituted on a trial basis. These policies are enacted, maintained, monitored and enforced by local cabinets of politicos, governors, officials and support staff for each region, county and city. Local governance is performed by these intermediary officials until the next governance conference when the effects of the policies can be reviewed (data recorded by the intermediaries) and revised if necessary.


Aquillians, as a society, are extremely creative, innovative and technically adept. They also value individualism, hard work and education. Aquillian society revolves around the application of the scientific method to all aspects of life- resulting in a streamlining and use of ‘best practices’ across all disciplines including economics, art, social values, education, media and foreign relations.

This makes them extremely fitting and amiable hosts to outsiders- making their tourism endeavors immensely popular and successful. Their society as a whole is very accepting and enthusiastic about foreign species and cultures- seeing it as a chance for learning and investigation.

Most of their society lives beneath the oceans on the continental shelves in immense, enclosed underwater cities- some of which actually rise above the ocean surface. These cities are, of course, water filled but are usually compartmentalized, many sections capable of being drained to accommodate air breathing guests.

Most of their tourism cater to air breathers, so the resorts nearest natural surface attractions (while still being underwater) are mostly dry, with the staff’s quarters being aqueous. Thanks to their ingenuity, the Aquillians have easily adapted to living on the surface with modified EV suits, artificial bi-pedal limbs and specially designed aqua-breathers. Additionally, being a race evolved to live in the coastal regions of the epipelagic zone, the pressure difference between their under sea homes and the surface is insignificant.


Aquillian technology is extremely advanced and sophisticated. Thanks to their natural curiosity and intellect, the Aquillians are able to adapt to a host of different climates and thrive almost anywhere.

Their earlier endeavors into the deeper, abyssopelagic regions of their of their oceans were good preparation for space exploration…making them the first species in the system to reach space and start colonies… which has given them the edge in terms of status and control among their neighbors.

Aquillian technological progress is only limited by their lack of natural resources. They could have easily achieved slipstream mastery had they the fortune to live in a richer, more resource diverse system. As it stands, there is a great deal of their knowledge and research that goes stagnant and underdeveloped because of lack of available assets, resources and equipment. All their technological manufacturing and recycling is carefully monitored to ensure that there are no shortages of essential goods.


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