Ursira is the 7th major planet from Gaiel L’Ar, a gas giant composed primarily of nitrogen, oxygen and methane. The solid core of the planet is approximately the same size as Nochreal, accounting for approximately half of the planet’s total volume. Ursira is home to the Homin, a sentient race evolved from primates.


Ursira has a full compliment of seasons with the widest range of temperatures, getting as warm as 40°C in the summers and as low as -30°C during the winters. Due to the immense amount of atmosphere on Ursira, days are typically windy and overcast with the entire sky illuminated by the light of Gaiel L’Ar. On occasion during the summer, the heat burns through the cloud cover and reveals magnificent views of the inner planets of the system and Gaiel L’Ar itself. Rainfall varies from region to region.

The surface of Ursira is covered in oceans, marshes and precious little clear terrestrial land masses. Instead, massive deciduous forests and wetland habitats dominate the planet… the trees, fueled by the refracted, ambient sunlight, plentiful water, low gravity and oxygen rich atmosphere grow to be hundreds of meters tall… forming various biomes in the various strata of the forests.




Most of Homin technology revolves around utilizing the space and natural biological processes of the trees in which they inhabit. Indoor plumbing, sewer and water works are all built-in and assimilated into the natural body cavities and xylem and phloem arteries of the living trees. The majority of their power comes from solar and wind technologies. However, beyond that, the Homin were a largely underdeveloped species as manufacturing processes requiring intense amounts of heat and standing water were hard to come by.

With the advent of first contact with the Aquillians and later with the Sinagi, the Homin’s technological prowess has greatly improved- moving them from a pre-industrial era into a fully modern era, complete with mechanized production facilities, telecommunications and space exploration.

The Homin rarely used to set foot on the ground, having built an entire arboreal civilization in the trees. And while many of their hardest materials are harvested from various types of wood (steel hardness wood) their modern society requires the use of rarer ores and minerals… forcing them to explore the murky depths of the terrestrial surface humus.


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