Nochreal is approximately 60% of the size of Bokanol, it’s tidally locked sister planet.
The largest and most well known settlement is Noc Vega, an immense megacity built at the epicenter of the ‘blackout zone’ of the planet and surrounded on 3 sides by the Shedalis Desert and bordering the Lod Ocean.


Most of Nochreal is covered in vast, rolling prairies and deserts, punctuated by enormous major rivers that run longitudinally from the ice caps, finally terminating in the single vast ocean on the southern hemisphere, Lod. Weather on Nochreal is usually stormy and blustery, with no precipitation. There is very little change between seasons. Temperatures ranges from 20°C to 30°C across the equator, year round.

The area in the ‘blackout zone’ is about -10°C colder because of the perpetual night. Weak shrubs and chemosynthetic plants dominate the surrounding deserts.

There is no indigenous life on Nochreal.


Nochreal is a colony of Bokanol. It is subject to scrutiny by the local Technocracy Reps.


Most settlements around Nochreal are tourist resorts or research facilities for people interested in vacationing in the hilly country side.

Culture in Noc Vega is dominated by the attractions offered by 24 hour nightlife (obviously). There are a significant number of metropolitan attractions including clubs, spas, casinos, brothels, cinema and live performing arts venues. A major past-time of the mega city is it’s professional wargames league. Teams assemble in illuminated, neon uniforms and participate in a host of different match types using non-lethal laser weaponry. Spectators have said that it is akin to a combination of a laser show and a sporting event… with more explosions.


The technology level on Nochreal is akin to that on Bokanol.


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