R(-2) Needs Imports
E(+3) Multiple Garden Worlds
T(0) Exploring the System

  • Tourist Paradise
  • Mineral Dependent


The Bokanolin system consists of a total of 13 true orbiting planets and several dozen planetoids, the majority of which are survivable worlds capable of hosting at the very least a modest space colony. The system boasts a Yellow Standard Giant star, Gaiel L’Ar, several garden worlds and hospitable moons, most notably the capital planet Bokanol, it’s moon Nochreal and the planets Ursira and Paleo.


Survivable climes run the gamut across the Bokanolin System – from planets with a rich diversity of biomes to smaller worlds with more extreme climates hosting a narrow band or region of livable space. There are certain factors that most of the worlds share; abundant atmospheric oxygen, liquid water and stable seismic activity, magnetosphere protection and non-degrading orbits.


Bokanolin is governed by an intergalactic, democratic collective. The Bokanolin Collective (or BoCo) consists of two constellations; Major and Minor. The Major constellation’s constituent members have the privilege of weightier votes than the Minor constellation’s members. The BoCo is bound by a charter, instituted by the Aquillians, who preside as senior members of the Major constellation.

Active voting members of the BoCo’s Major constellation include representatives from the Aquillian Technocracy of Bokanol, the Homin United Nations of Ursira, the Sinagi Monarchy of Paleo and the Aquillian Commonwealth of Nochreal. Minor constellation members include a host of colonial factions, most notably the Gurd Mining Company from Off-World.


The primary export of Bokanolin is tourism, so naturally there is a very strong natural conservation effort across planets in the system to preserve the natural environs and indigenous species. Otherwise the system is extremely diverse, as the constant influx of foreign tourists and cultures produce an extremely eclectic, melting pot of different cultures especially in the more metropolitan regions where the space ports are located. As you travel into the preserved country side of any given planet the hustle and bustle of the city fade into the cultural trappings of the indigenous culture.


The technology level across the system is fairly high because of the booming luxury good and technology trade across the Bokanol system. This ensures a fairly uniform, high standard of living complete with modern conveniences and luxury goods system wide.

Arguably the most technologically entrenched species (if not the most technologically advanced) in the system are the Aquillians of Bokanol, as their civilization is the oldest and was the first to reach space and colonize other planets (starting with their moon, Nochreal). This helps them keep their edge as the leading system power.

However, due to the reliance on imports and raw materials purchased from foreign systems, shortages of certain mid to higher tier luxury goods are fairly common. Especially in outlying regions whose demand is met after trickling through the more metropolitan regions.


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