R(-1) Almost Viable
E(0) One Garden World
T(-2) Industrial

  • Stunted, Fringe System
  • Lawless
  • Non Conformist


The Backwater system, despite sharing slipstream access to a hub of several prospering systems, remains isolated and underdeveloped. Having little to offer in the way of native technology or resources its only draw is the single garden world (of the same name), 2nd planet out from two dwarf stars- The primary red dwarf Alistar and the blue dwarf Veigo.

The planet Backwater (its unofficial name) is the only garden planet in the system, acting as a rest stop planet for surrounding systems. Initial reports from settlers reported no sentient life on Backwater, so it’s population is entirely composed of exogenic settlers who either came specifically to live on the outskirts of more civilized systems or (as is frequently the case) were indefinitely stranded while in transit to another system.


For all intents and purposes the planet is extremely similar in climes to prehistoric Earth. The planet is dominated by temperate, wet jungles and primarily harmless giant insects, amphibians and sea creatures. It is typical for it to sprinkle if not rain part of every day and the temperatures to be in the 65°F to 85°F range. However, when Alistar is dominant, bring a poncho. Or scuba gear.

The only other prominent feature of Backwater’s environment are it’s system of volcanoes. Mostly remaining dormant, it’s not uncommon to see minor eruptions and local lava flows. It is assumed that because of the large amount of volcanic activity distributed across the planet, any single volcanoes’ eruption is extremely minor since subterranean pressures don’t have a chance to build up.


There is no planetary government, or even balkanized nations. The planet is dotted with several independent space ports, surrounded by isolated settlements and enclaves that invariably spring up around them. These city states are governed (if you could call it ‘government’) by whichever faction holds the most power, wealth or military force at the time – primarily establishing a despotism. The most powerful and stable city on Backwater is the Mega-City of Port Venture, which is run and protected by a corporate conglomerate from the AnarchoCorp system.


There is no organized culture on Backwater, save for the pervasive obsession with self preservation, individualism and distrust generated by the harsh climes and circumstances. The majority of people on Backwater don’t want to be there, are jaded about their circumstances and are weary of the constant conflict brought on by limited resources, greed and necessity. They are distrustful of outsiders and are ruthless in their dealings. Each enclave is different, but they are by necessity self interested and isolationist.

The one exception to this is the global reverence and respect for ProTecht! Corp, who’s headquarters are located in Port Venture. ProTecht! offers an extensive line of home and personal protection products specially designed for the needs of Backwater residents. Their armor, weapons, vehicular transport and miscellaneous technology are appreciated across Backwater and could be considered as the ‘mainstream’ influence for fashion, public opinion and educational values.


Due to the absence of an indigenous culture, resources and political initiative, the overall technology level is still stuck in the industrial era. Their technology level has the capacity to address most of the needs of the populous, including;

  • Comfortable housing
  • Semi-reliable terrestrial and oceanic transportation
  • Basic Tele-communication systems and Power Infrastructure
  • Emergency Trauma centers and Surgery
  • Production of Goods and Manufacture

That said, not every town is going to have access to the same resources… and even if they do, not all members of a community will either have the money or influence to acquire these services and goods from the local despot.


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