The Aquillians make their home on Bokanol and are an under water native species believe to have evolved from an ancestral cross between crustaceans and cephalopods.

Physical Characteristics

Aquillians have a body length roughly 3’ to 5’ feet long. They have a primary set of large, multi-lens, forward facing eyes with several simple eyes set around them. Their heads are covered with nerveless flagellum and support 2 flexible eye stalks, capable of 360° degree compound vision and is able to detect light spectra in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges.

Aquillians have two primary, bilateral arms, ending in a ‘hand’ with 6 tentacles. Each tentacle possesses a tiny, sheathed pincer. They possess between 3 and 5 dorsal tentacles and their posterior divides into two sets of 5 to 7 tentacles, approximately 3’ to 4’ long.
While swimming they can be anywhere from 6’ to 10’ feet long, stalks to tentacles. While on land and utilizing artificial bi-pedal walkers, they usually stand between about 4’ and 8.’

Aquillians have an endoskeleton, though many still have patches of vestigial chitinous plating, appearing as freckle-like structures that eventually spread out and interlock. The chitin can be removed with regular grooming.

Aquillian skin is covered in chromatophores, giving them the ability to change color. They often have bioluminescent pigmentation as well. Aquillians also possess ink glands, located on their chests.

Aquillians have a complex respiratory system, wherein water is pulled into the chest cavity by the diaphragm into a set of ‘water lungs.’ Internal gills filter the water and distill oxygen from the lung water. This water is then expelled through the mouth, nasal slits, or through the dorsal jets to allow for jet propulsion.


In the permanent nocturnal zone, the Aquillians there lack the chromatophores, bioluminescent skin,ink glands and eyes. They instead have an elevated sense of hearing and vibration sense and a sophisticated set of organs that allow for echolocation.


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