Discord appears most often as a slim, hairless male humanoid about 6' 2" tall with soft snakelike scaly skin ranging from lavender to violet in color, with teeth and nails that are long and pointed, and with deep, purple, eyes with cat-like pupils.


High Concept: Shape-shifting Master of Deceit and Infiltration
Trouble: A Life Built on a Fragile Web of Lies

Other Aspects:
Is That Some Kind of a Challenge?
Nobody Hurts My Friends but Me
Fights for the Underdog
An Incompetent Authority is No Authority At All
(Needless Mischief) Loves to Watch Them Squirm

Superb: Subterfuge
Great: Empathy, Athletics
Good: Brawl, Larceny, Stealth
Fair: Alertness, Resources, Computer, Investigation
Average: Intimidation, Endurance, Discipline, Presence, Conviction

Mimic Form (-2)
Supernatural Recover (-4 +3 Catch)
Modular Abilities: 2 (-4)
Mimic Abilities: 1 (-1)
Stunt: Professional Assimilation
Total Refresh Adjustment: -9


Discord is a Kaleidotrop born and raised by his mentor, Entropy, and sired by Liberty. He is 134 years old (a young adult relative to his people’s longevity). Discord has integrated into alien societies since his third year. Entropy has been his mentor until only eleven years ago when Discord became independent.

Discord’s main goal is to prove to his mentor that she can survive on his own. Other goals include gathering resources and connections for when she must inevitably leave and assume a new identity. The long-lived nature or his species makes such preparations a constant necessity. Discord is also very interested in learning about unfamiliar alien cultures and meeting members of unfamiliar species.

Discord has assumed many identities in the past ranging from dock worker, to librarian, to soldier. She has developed relationships with people using all of these identities and though he has tried to keep these lives separate, they occasionally cross with each other with humorous or tragic consequences. Discord’s true nature is known only by a few.


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