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Stream of Consciousness 2 (SoC2)

Our last player joined us today. We rounded out cluster creation with the addition of her systems, banged out final aspects for each system and got rolling on character creation. They deviate slightly from the Dresden characters only in that there are no set templates and the aspect naming scheme is different. The scheme is:

High Concept
Background (alternatively, current goals and drive)
Inciting Incident
Co-op Adventure 1
Co-op Adventure 2

Luckily the group opted to have their co-op adventures evenly… so no character was the odd man out. Thus;

A had stories with B & C
B had stories with A & D
C had stories with A & D

I’ll have to start coming up with story threads now as the aspects produced and system details are still pretty primordial. Thank God for AnarchoCorp and their wealth of plot hooks!


tgsid2001 tgsid2001

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